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Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
This is a lower Jurassic fossil reptile - an ichthyosaur skull (head and jaw).
It was found at Harbury Cement Quarry, Warwickshire.
This is probably Temnodontosaurus (genus, species unknown). These grew 8-10m long and lived in the early Jurassic 200-175 million years ago.
EF Nicholls (senior) was a local naturalist who was loosely involved with the extraction of the fossil from the quarry. This very heavy specimen was transported from Harbury by his son EF Nicholls junior, who, tiring of the weight on the saddle of his bike, offloaded his cargo in a ditch at Princethorpe. On returning home he was severely reprimanded by his father and made to return to the ditch the next morning and complete the fossil's journey to Coventry, where it was deposited in the Field Club room at Upper York Street.
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