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Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
Grand piano given to George Eliot by G.H. Lewes, made by John Broadwood and Sons. In 1861 Eliot wrote to Sara Hennell: 'We are enjoying a great pleasure - a new grand piano'.
The piano was hired to Madame Mehlig, 39 University Street, London in May and June 1869, and to Baroness Mayer de Rothschild at 107 Piccadilly (?) in June and July 1869. On 22 November 1869 the piano was sold to GH Lewes esq, The Priory, 21 North Bank, Regents Park (Eliot and Lewes moved into the Priory in 1864). On 18 June 1875 the piano, still belonging to Mr Lewes, was taken to the Rev F Hewson, The Elms, Rickmansworth (Eliot lived here in 1875). At some point the piano must have gone back to Lewes as on 8 June 1878, Lewes sends it in to Broadwoods to regulate. Records show that in 1878 and 1879 the piano was moved between North Bank and the Lewes's house at The Heights, Witley, near Godalming, Surrey (bought with Eliot in 1877 with the proceeds from Daniel Deronda). On 10 [16?] May 1880 Mrs Lewes (George Eliot) still had the piano and the entry is annotated as 'now Mrs John Cross' (she married John Cross 16 May 1880). Eliot died 22 December 1880 and on 15 September 1882 the piano is sent to C L Lewes, Elm Cottage, Hampstead. (Charles Lee Lewes, son of George Henry Lewes).
This piano is part of the George Eliot Collection.
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