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Herbert Art Gallery and Museum
A sampler worked by Jemima Shakespear, dating to 1804. This is a sampler worked by Jemima Shakespear in 1804. It charts the births and deaths of her brothers and sisters, possibly at Coventry Workhouse. Jemima's parents were married in 1773 and over the next 25 years had 18 children, 7 of whom were still alive in 1804.
This sampler demonstrates the all too common tragedy of in fact mortality and is made more poignant that some of the names - David, Hannah, Mary and Martha - have been used for more than one child.
Jemima was the 14th child to be born (in 1791) but at that time only had 4 surviving brothers and sisters. It is not surprising then when, at 14, Jemima came to work a sampler she chose to record her family history rather than a religious or moral verse.
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