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motor car
Daimler Royal Limousine
Coventry Transport Museum
Reg No: NYE 582 (formerly EX7432). This car was built for Queen Mary and delivered to the Royal Household on 1st January 1936 and saw service until 1953. Orignally fitted with 50hp V12 poppet valve engine, replaced DE27 four litre six in 1952. The body was built by Hoopers of London. It was acquired by the National Motor Museum in the mid – 1950s, and was then placed on loan to the owners of the liner ‘Queen Mary’, which by then, was a floating hotel in Long Beach, California. The car was exhibited for over ten years on the deck of this once great liner, yet during this time suffered from the sun, rain, and in particular, the damp salty air. It was purchased by the musuem in 1984.
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