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Rudge-Whitworth Combination
Coventry Transport Museum
Road going motorcycle with a sidecar built to carry spares on a round the world trip. The motorcycle has a 499cc engine.
Reg no: WK 2037

This motorcycle was made at Spon End, Coventry. It has a 499cc, single cylinder four valve engine.

On 2nd July 1928, Stanley Glanfield set off on an around the world tour. The journey took him just eight months, covering 18,000 miles. He passed through 16 countries and crossed four continents. Glanfield had to cope with unreliable machinery and badly maintained roads. Even fuel was hard to get so it was a great achievement.

By the time this motorcycle was built, Rudge Motorcycle Co. manufacturing was on the rise and the company had many wins on the racing circuit. The news of Stanley Glanfield's journey added to this success.

The motorcycle’s sidecar was specially fitted out to carry spares and supplies. The panels of the sidecar display the route Glanfield followed. The number plate on the front mudguard is for display purposes and the complete machine has been kept in its ‘World Tour’ condition for display.
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