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24 Jun 1930
Coventry Archives & Research Centre
Having recited: firstly, that John Watson [ironfounder] at the time of his death was seised of hereditaments subject to PA1681/9/23,22, leaving all by his will (14 Feb 1906) to Herbert Edwin Watson (of Cross Cheaping, Coventry, company director [of Matterson, Huxley & Watson, ironfounders]) and Henry James Watson (gentleman.), along with William Thackhall Browett, for sale; secondly, J. Watson's death and probate; thirdly, PA1681/9/24; fourthly, PA1681/9/25; fifthly, that William Thackhall Browett died on 27 Oct 1925; and sixthly, that Herbert Edwin Watson and Henry James Watson have agreed to sell the estate for £14,000: therefore Herbert E. Watson and Henry J. Watson convey to John George Gray (of "Rosehill", St. Nicholas' Street [Radford], Coventry, builder and contractor) and Henry Charles Gillitt (of 3, Park Road, Coventry, grocer) first-scheduled land covering 129a. 0r. 1p. and part of Black Pad, as well as the occupation road thither south from Foleshill station, reserving mining-rights and subject to second-scheduled lease and agreements and to rights granted to the Secretary of State for War by a 25 Aug 1922 conveyance; covenant to produce third-scheduled deeds. First Schedule: lands. Second Schedule: three deeds (1920-30). Third Schedule: eight deeds (1901-22). Plan.
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