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Abstract of Title of Coventry Corporation to land behind Allesley Old Road
Coventry Archives & Research Centre
I 23 Apr 1920. Appointment by the Charity Commission of the Coventry manufacturer Charles Vernon Pugh, the Allesley publisher Edward Mauger (Baron iliffe), the Keresley [watch-]manufacturer Hugh Rotherham, the Coventry [silk-]manufacturer Edmund Oliver French, the Coventry gentleman[-chemist] William Fitzthomas Wyley and Alec Turner (of 156, Earlsdon Avenue, Coventry, [watch-]manufacturer) as Sir Thomas White's Charity trustees to serve alongside the since-dead Arthur Edward Jagger, but removing the Coventry cycle-manufacturer William Hillman, as the latter two had requested in their 2 Sep 1919 application.
Schedule (inter alia): 89 gardens, Allesley Old Road and Spon End.
II 25 Feb 1935. Order by Charity Commission (following report by George Crosbie Dawson of 19, Priory Row, Coventry, solicitor) for sale for not less than £8,000 of a total of 116.39a. between Holyhead Road and Allesley Old Road.
III 27 Sep 1935. Conveyance whereby having recited: firstly, that Right Honourable Edward Mauger, Baron Iliffe of Yattendon (of Yattendon, Berkshire), Hugh Rotherham (of "Rosehill", Saint Nicholas' Street[, Radford], Coventry, manufacturer), Edmund Oliver French (of Hertford House, Coventry, manufacturer), William Fitzthomas Wyley (of the Charterhouse, Coventry, gentleman) and Alec Turner (of Coundon House, Holyhead Road, Coventry, gentleman) were Sir Thomas White's Charity trustees; secondly, II; thirdly, that Edward Mauger, Baron Iliffe et al had agreed to sell the premises to the corporation for £8,000; fourthly, that it was agreed that the conveyance should contain covenants as mentioned in the abstracting deed; and fifthly, that the corporation was paying all the vendors' costs: therefore Baron Iliffe et al conveyed to the corporation inter alia (a) 112.94a. of land shown in gold on a plan therewith; the corporation undertook to maintain boundary fences; covenant to produce second-scheduled deeds.
Schedule 1 - 116.39a.
Schedule 2 - four documents (1920-35).
IV 30 Sep 1935. Official Certificate of Search revealing five entries, which did not affect the land concerned.,
Plan of district bounded by Allesley Old Road, line of Four Pounds Avenue, Holyhead Road and the Coventry-Nuneaton railway line.
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