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File relating to Compulsory Purchase Orders
1956 - 1959
Coventry Archives & Research Centre
Ex - deposit copies of the following Orders:
1. Butts No. 1 Declaration of Unfitness Order, 1958, see CCA/3/1/13614;
2. City of Coventry Butts No. 1 CPO, 1958, see CCA/3/1/13614;
3. Central College No. 2, CPO 1956, see CCA/3/1/12675, CCA/3/1/12766, CCA/3/1/13858;
4. Central College No. 3, CPO 1956, see CCA/3/1/12925;
5. Central College No. 4, CPO 1956, see CCA/3/1/13164, CCA/3/1/13732;
6. Central College No. 5, CPO 1957, see CCA/3/1/12855, CCA/3/1/12925, CCA/3/1/13140, CCA/3/1/13859;
7. Central College No. 6, CPO 1957, see CCA/3/1/14078;
8. Central College No. 7, CPO 1958, relating to property and premises at No. 65 New Street (owners, P Phipps and Company); Nos. 60 - 64 New Street (owners, Governors of King Henry VIII School);
9. Central College No. 8, CPO 1959, relating to premises at No. 20 Jordan Well (trustees of [Mr] LH Fearis, deceased); Nos. 22, 23 and 24 Jordan Well (executors of [Mr] A Cutchion, deceased); No. 25 Jordan Well (Mr Ronald William Mountford); Nos. 26 and 28 Jordan Well, Nos. 3, 5, 7 and 9 Cox Street (executors of Mr Frank Snape, deceased); Nos. 26, 26a and 27 Jordan Well (Mrs Dorothy Harris); Nos. 13 and 15 Cox Street (Mr Hubert Mountford); No. 11 Cox Street (Mrs Fanny Elizabeth Sproul); The "Acorn" Public House,Cox Street (Mann, Crossman and Paulin Limited);
10. Corporation Street No. 4, CPO 1956, relating to premises at the Rex Building ([Messrs] GWR Philpot and HTA Philpot);
11. Coundon Court No. 1, CPO 1956, see CCA/3/1/13137;
12. Cross Cheaping No. 2, CPO 1958, relating to premises known as "The Oriental Star Restaurant" Irongmonger Row, Palmer Lane, Nos. 2, 3 and 4 Ironmonger Row, Nos. 33, 34, 34a, 35 and 36 Cross Cheaping (Governors of Bablake School);
13. Hales Street No. 2, CPO 1957, relating to premises at Nos. 23, 25, 27 Hales Street (Governors of King Henry VIII School);
14. Inner Ring Road No. 2, CPO 1958, relating to premises at Nos. 4 - 18 (evens) Whitefriar Street and Nos. 1 - 9 (odds) London Road from Mrs Amy Gertrude Mackessack; Nos. 77 and 78 Much Park Street (Trustees of the Transport and General Workers' Union); No. 76 Much Park Street (Mr Reginald James Hardwick); Nos. 74 and 75 Much Park Street (Banks and James Limited); No. 2 London Road (Bass, Ratcliff and Gretton Limited); No. 4 London Road (Coventry and District Co-operative Society); Nos. 6 - 16 (evens) London Road (trustees of Mr Frank Oldham, deceased); No. 2 Paradise Street (Mr Robert Leslie Williams and Mrs Maisie Elizabeth Williams); No. 4 Paradise Street (Mr Albert Wyver); No. 8 Paradise Street (Mr John David Wickens and Mrs Ethel Mary Wickens); No. 10 Paradise Street (Mr John Noel Culverwell and Mrs Patricia Josephine Culverwell); No. 12 Paradise Street (Mrs Mable Mary Ellis); No. 14 Paradise Street (W Lant and Company); Nos. 16 and 20 Paradise Street (Mr Reginald Evan William Parker); No. 18 Paradise Street (Mr Henry Stephen Arnold); No. 22 Paradise Street (Mr Richard Eric Smyth); No. 24 Paradise Street (trustees of Mr William Dawson Turral, deceased); No. 26 Paradise Street (Mr Jack Anthony Cowern Hesketh and Mrs Mary Sheila Hesketh); No. 28 Paradise Street (Mr Sidney Albert Lawrence Redgrave); No. 13 London Road (Elliott Garage Limited); Nos. 20 and 22 London Road (Mrs Beatrice Stokes, Mrs Lottie Hearne); No. 24 London Road (Mr Walter Herbert); Nos. 36 - 52 (inclusive) London Road (Trustees of the Freemen and Widows of Freemen of the City of Coventry); No. 26 London Road (John Pedley); Nos. 1, 3 and 5 Paradise Street (Miss Isabella Harries Thompson); No. 11 Paradise Street ([Reverend] Alfred Ronald Colledge, see CCA/3/1/13223); No. 28 London Road (RJ Price and Sons Limited); Nos. 36 - 52 (evens) London Road (Reverend Geoffrey Harper Parks); Nos. 58 - 74 (evens) London Road (Trustees of the Freemen and Widows of Freemen of the City of Coventry);
15. Inner Ring Road No. 3, CPO 1959, relating to premises at Nos. 29 and 30 King Street (trustees of Mr George William Bagshaw, deceased); "Cranes" Public House, Leicester Street (Mitchells and Butlers Limited); No. 29 Bishop Street (personal representatives of Mr Samuel Edward Birch, deceased); Nos. 8, 10 Leicester Street (Mr Cyril Scriven Norris, Mr Robert Arthur Brindley); No. 50 Leicester Street, Nos. 1 and 2 in Court No. 3, Leicester Street (Mrs H Shufflebottom, deceased); No. 49 Leicester Street, Nos. 1- 6 (inclusive) Leicester Place and No. 5 in Court No. 3, Leicester Street (Zanis Liegis Staburags); No. 3 in Court No. 3, Leicester Street (executors of Mr Edgar Bowen-Davies, deceased); No. 4 in Court No. 3, Leicester Street (Mr Arthur Frederick Bawden); "Swanswell Cottage" Public House, No. 44 Leicester Street (Ind Coope and Allsopp Limited); Dale Buildings, Swanswell Terrace (The Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital Saturday Fund); land at Sawnswell Terrace (Mills and Rockleys Limited); Nos. 13 - 19 (odds) Swanswell Terrace (Mrs Florrie Hine);
16. Little Park Street No. 4, CPO 1959, relating to premises at No. 42 Earl Street (trustees of Dr. AJ Arch, deceased); Nos. 43 and 44a Earl Street (executors of Mr John Haymes, deceased); No. 50 Earl Street (Mr Fred Gibberd); No. 112 Little Park Street (Mr Lewis Reginald Pugh); Nos. 106 and 107 Little Park Street (Mr William James Leslie Sharp); No. 104 Little Park Street (EO French Limited); Nos. 92 - 102 (inclusive) Little Park Street and Nos. 1-8 in Court No. 20 Little Park Street (T Bushill and Sons Limited); No. 96 Little Park Street (Mr David Deacon); "Bird In the Hand" Public House, No. 95 Little Park Street (Phipps Northampton Brewery Company Limited); Nos. 86 - 91 (inclusive) Little Park Street (Middlemore (Coventry) Limited);
17. New Buildings No. 1, CPO 1957, relating to premises on the eastern side of New Buildings and the southern side of Hales Street (George Newark and Son Limited);
18. Priory Street No. 1, CPO 1958, relating to premises at No. 31, 57 and 58 New Buildings ([Mr] J Humphries); Nos. 32 - 35 (inclusive) New Buildings (Mr John Moore); Nos. 36 - 39 (inclusive) New Buildings, Nos. 59 and 60 New Buildings (Mrs Maggie Jones, Mrs Mildred Irene Flowers); rear of the Old Triumph Works, northern side of New Buildings (Neal's Laminated Bonds Limited); No. 61 New Buildings (Mrs Elsie Blakey); Nos. 5 - 8 (inclusive) Hill Top (Mrs BM Budd, Mrs Gwenith Muriel Warren); Nos. 52 - 56 (inclusive) New Buildings (Mr Albert Henry Jarrard); land at the Old Triumph Works, Priory Street (Neville Industrial Securities Limited);
19. Victoria Works No. 1, CPO 1959, relating to the premises known as the Victoria Works, on the southern side of Corporation Street and the western side of The Burges (Matterson, Huxley and Watson Limited);
20. Whitefriars No. 1, CPO 1959, relating to premises at Nos. 40, 40a, 42 and 44 Whitefriars Street (Mrs Lavinia Molly Blakemore, trustee of Mr Walter Chatland, deceased); Nos. 36 and 38 Whitefriars Street and Nos. 1-5 (inclusive) in Court No. 3 Whitefriars Street (Mr Frederick Hoare); Nos. 28 - 34 (evens) Whitefriars Street (Mrs Winifred Maud Breen);
21. Warwick Road No. 1, Tree Preservation Order, 1959, relating to trees on the site of No. 145 Warwick Road, opposite King Henry VIII School;
22. Yardley Street No. 1, CPO 1959, relating to premises at Nos. [19 - 22] Yardley Street, Nos. 52 - 57 (inclusive) Yardley Street, Nos. 1 - 3 in Court No. 1, Lower Nelson Street (the executors of Mr John Bird Senior, deceased); Nos. 58 and 59 Yardley Street (Mr Thomas Allen); Nos. 60 - 62 (inclusive) Yardley Street and No. 11 Lower Wellington Street (Mrs Dorothy Greetham); Nos. 13 - 37 (odds) Lower Wellington Street (Barclay's Bank Limited).
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